We consider criminal defence as a project. Our purpose is more than just to maintain every stage of the process, but to arrange comprehensive defence strategy together with its’ execution plan. As shaping such strategy, EMPP attorneys-at-law focus not only on procedural features of a case, but on the core of accusation.

We help shareholders, business owners and managers with white collar crimes prosecution defence. EMPP team elaborates recommendations and exercises approach to prevention of prosecution in the future.


  • Advising clients and representation of their interests during preliminary inquiry, investigation and defence before the court;
  • Identification of business crime risks during operation of business by a client;
  • Developing tactics and communication with law enforcement agencies;
  • Organisation, coordination and holding internal corporate investigations, and advising on compliance policy adherence;
  • Obtaining opinions and holding independent expertise (forensic audit; trade, environmental, criminalistic, forensic-medical, psychiatric, auto-service expertise, trace examination), and facilitation in selection of experts and expert organisations.
  • Investigations and expertise appraisal;
  • Preparing the client’s employees and other parties for inquiry or examination;
  • Arrangement and monitoring over attorneys-at-law regional team;
  • Independent appraisal of prospects of a case and parties’ position.


  • Dismissal of broker’s clients’ prosecution on suspicion of participating in encashment and embezzlement of funds.
  • Representation of the acquirer’s interests in M&A transaction recognized as a damaged party on fraud in relation to seller’s breach of contractual representations and guarantees.
  • Representation of Federal State Unitary Enterprise’s (FSUE) interests as a victim in a fraud case.
  • Elaboration of criminal defence strategy in corporate conflict concerning corporate governance seizure in a joint venture.
Representation of a party’s to a corporate conflict interests, including accusation of company management of embezzlement and conversion of property- Article 160 of the Criminal Code of RF
  • Protection of employees of the representative office of the international automobile concern in connection with the investigation of the criminal case on tax evasion of counterparties of the representative office.
  • Suspension of criminal investigation against the client accused of concealment of funds and property at the expense of which taxes and (or) fees shall be collected.
  • Successful protection of the interests of the company and employees in criminal cases related to explosions in coal mines.
  • Representation of defendants’ interests in cases of illegal use and distribution of computer programs.